Christmas Items, Bug Fixes & more!


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Oct 7, 2018

|Christmas Items
We have added 3 new titles, including #CandyCane and #HoHoHo. We have also added the Christmas Kits, coming with a candy cane (sword), Rudolph, and coal. If you wanted these limited edition items, try getting the bundle, including the 3 titles and the Christmas Kit. Found here

|Bug Fixes
@RogerPlaysMC has been working hard, fixing countless bugs. We have fixed:

- Phasing in through roofs
- Teleport glitching in enemy land leading to death
- glitching through the bedrock with an enderpearl and dying in the void
- nether water able to be placed in protected regions
- leaders not being able to set permissions for f home
- staff fly will disable when an enemy is near except when they're in vanish.

Thank you, Roger, for fixing these bugs! Your work is well appreciated

Recently, we have held 2 different polls talking about cannons and TnT prices.

Left Shooters - Will continue to be allowed

TnT Price - TnT will be staying $706 per stack

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the polls.

|Comment Contest
I thought this would be a fun thing to do. I will randomly pick a user from this announcement. It will be announce in the next announcement. The winner will get a $10 coupon.
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