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May 28, 2018
Reset Date:
SOTW Factions 4.0 will be January 12th at
  • 3 PM EST
  • 8 PM GMT
  • 12 PM PST
  • 7 AM AEDT (Nov 25th

Grace period: There will be a 72 hr grace period where TNT is disabled, this gives everyone a chance to Build their base and set up defenses in preparation for the upcoming conquest.

IMPORTANT: If you want the faction leader role in discord, please remember to register here.

Items that you will keep after reset:
  • Donator ranks
  • Aura/particles
  • Chat titles/tags
  • Special kits purchased from the store

F Top Rewards
We are going to be offering buycraft rewards bi-monthly, twice a month, to the top three factions. The winner will be announced on the Friday of the qualifying week.
  • 1st place $50 Buycraft
  • 2nd place $20 Buycraft
  • 3rd place $10 Buycraft

New Gen Bucket Rule
Gen Buckets While they are useful for creating walls, they can be considered too op if used to patch a wall mid raid, therefore if you are found to be patching a wall using gen buckets as another faction is attempting to 'raid' your base, then you will be punished with a level 3 log on your history and the forfeit which you would otherwise receive had you committed any other level 3 violation (starting at 7 day, then 30 day, then blacklist). In order to punish someone for this, we will need substantial evidence. We have implemented a new plugin that will not allow players to place buckets when an enemy is within 200 blocks away. You may not afk an alt at an enemy base in order to prevent players from patching when you are not raiding. Use common sense when it comes to this rule and be fair.

Mercenary's Compass
New tool created by our developer @RogerPlaysMC. This item will be available in buycraft and in large tier crates. Each compass has 500 uses and will notify you on your map if there's a potential base nearby when right clicked.
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