Factions Registration


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May 28, 2018
Greetings IB Factions!

We will be allowing faction leaders to claim their faction tags before the start of Season 3. Registration is on a first come first server basis, if two leaders try to register the same faction name the name will go to the person that posted first. If another faction tries to steal your tag at the start of the map they will be disbanded by a manager/owner immediately.

We will also be giving the faction leaders a special role in our discord. Your name will be displayed on the side of the discord under a separate section from the staff team. This role will allow you to post ads in the #ib-recruitment channel on our discord. Only the faction leaders and staff will be able to post in this chat.

If at any time you wish to give up your leadership role and hand it off to another person please initiate a chat in discord with a staff member and the person you are handing your leadership role off to.

If at any time you change your faction tag during the map and someone else takes it you automatically forfeit your rights to the name.

If you want to register please reply to this thread with the following information:

Faction Name:
Leader IGN:
Leader Discord:
Co-Leader: (Optional)
Jun 2, 2018
Faction Name: Horror
Leader IGN: Skirmishes
Leader Discord: Skirmishes#8230
Co-Leader: DrDango, Shaderthoth, Reselect, Instrict, FocusedBard, Austho, will list more later..