Madness, Sorrow, Fear, and Rage


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Jul 18, 2018
Asgeir’s curse began. Once the time was right for Asgeir to strike, his warning from the past breathed anew. Slowly Corvus descended into a madness, he felt emptiness and melancholy. Voices hissed at him from every turn. They whispered of conspiracy and treason. Hettie tried assuage the king and keep the kingdom from collapsing. She lead meeting after meeting, signed treaties, attended banquets. Still the king could not pull himself from this madness. Soon thereafter, half the castle staff was accused of treason and hung from the walls.

On the 20th anniversary of his victory over Asgeir, the madness broke him. King Corvus tossed himself from the highest tower, landing in front of the crowd that gathered there to celebrate the Acquisition of Realms. Hettie wept for days. Her son’s love faded from them. Their hearts had hardened. Treachery brewed. The two princes vied for their Queen mother’s love. They begged her to choose one of them to be King in place of their father. Valdir claimed he was the strength the kingdom needed to continue to greatness. Hundir could not lead an army nor could he swing a sword.

Hundir told his mother to place the crown atop his own head. For though Valdir was skilled in combat and war, but he could not lead a nation and make the necessary allies. For it was Hundir who drafted treaties and invented contraptions for battle that lead his brother and Volatus to victory. Valdir knew only of bloodshed. When Hundir implored his brother to speak reason, Valdir only brandished a sword. In fear of his life, Hundir fled to his realm and began to tinker away at a great and terrible device.

Prince Valdir suspected that his brother meant to kill him. He sat in his room for days before reasoning to settle the dispute for the throne. Hundir was plotting in Partum and it was up to Valdir to stop him. The Ironborn gathered his troops and marched on Patrum. There, outside the gateway leading to his realm, stood Hundir atop a great machine he called The Dregg-Castor. Hundir tired one last time to reason with Valdir.

Valdir and his men charged.

Hundir pulled the leavers of his contraption and the cannon roared. flint and fire hissed like snakes in a frnezy. From the mouth of the machine fire burst forth. The steam and heat billowed high and tore the earth asunder. The rumble and roar of the cannon fire was like a great thunderstorm of Truenovir himself. The horses arched up in terror, men screamed and fled back to their barracks. Those close to the fury were kissed with fire. Their skin fell like wax off a lit candle.

Where Valdir once stood was but a crater. The Ironborn was dead and Hundir would be king. Hundir arrived to his mother’s side to tell her of the death of Valdir. The fratricide disgusted her. She wept and cried in her chamber. Hettie could not bear to look at Hundir, nor the halls in which Valdir and Hundir once walked as brothers. The misery that filed her, consumed her was like the weight of all the realms. With a dagger from Hundir’s belt, she plucked out her eyes.