My Resignation - The explination of why I resigned :o

Jun 2, 2018
Hello my fellow players of IronBornMC, As you may have read by the title of this thread you will hear the part of why I resigned. This thread will not be a hate thread towards @PintoBean or @LassKicker or even the rest of the staff team. Many of you may not care about my resignation and its ok I can't please everyone, but I just thought I would put this out there to share my side, and not here some rumors that aren't true. So for whoever was waiting for this here it is.
To start this whole thing off I will tell you 2 major aspects why I left the team. The first reason why I have left the team was because of some IRL problems and I could not focus on IB at the time. It was not right to ignore the server when we needed staff active, I left in this sense to open up a position for a new active staff. My seconed reason why I have decided to leave was because I felt like I needed a break from being a staff member. I know this may have been a bad reason but I wanted to leave and take a break and than get back into it at a later date.
What will the Future hold for me, I can't really answer that. I know that I will be hopefully applying for the staff team later but for right now im taking a break from factions. I would like to thank all the staff that made it fun and a special shout out to @snowdog. Pce out everyone